Champion Regalia's Optimus Prime  AOM CGC (Optimus)
Dam: Ch Regalia's Sweet Revenge
Sire Ch Regalia's Flag Stone AOM
Regalia  pup pups puppy  puppie for sale
We are a American AKC  Akita show breeder & stud dog service Champion bred  Akita puppies  Regalia's pedigree. Akita show pups &  Akita
breeder puppies for sale in Pennsylvania. USA . We strive to produce bear head Akita puppy's
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OBJ-OPR-GOSHEN-CHEREED-Regalia's FLAGSTONE- Regalia's FUR DE LANCE.Regalia's Jett Gauge Regalias Akitas
Akita pups for sale Pennsylvania. USA
Note: There are two types of Akitas, the original Japanese Akita breed and now a separate designation for American
standard Akita's. The weights and sizes are different and the American standard allows a black mask, whereas the original
Japanese breed standard does not allow for a black mask. According to the FCI, in Japan and in many other countries
around the world the American Akita is considered a separate breed from the Akita Inu (Japanese Akita). In the United
States and Canada, both the American Akita and the Akita Inu are considered a single breed with differences in type rather
than two separate breeds ,Akita's are Prone to hip dysplasia, both hypothyroid and autoimmune thyroiditis, immune
diseases like VKH and Pemphigus, skin problems like SA and eyes (PRA, Micro, entropion) patella and other problems with
the knee. Please contact a reputable breeder who dose there health screens the pup may cost a little extra but worth your
time and extra cost to have a sound Akita for many years to come.
AKITA SHOW BREEDER  AND  SHOW AKITA PUPPIES FOR SALE Regalia OBJ Goshen Chereed  Scioto Bluff   Excel Shu Ku
Pa,Wv, Md, Va, Nj, MA,Ct,Oh
Champion Mt Valley Hot'R Than The Dang'R Zone CGC TDI  (Z)
Dam: Chereeds Storm Could
Sire : Excel Shu Ku Fire In The Hole Bang
Akita puppy for
sale we our a
Akita breeder in
south west Pa.
Akita champion
stud dog
.We strive to
produce strong
type show Akita
pup's for sale on
Regalia Akita's
blood line &
At Full Moon Akita's we strive to continuously improve the overall quality and temperament of our Akita's
by carefully planning each breeding  with OFA certs and genetic history
As a result we are able to offer Akitas that surpass the standard in both their physical appearance and temperament
Full Moons Deja Vu ( Deja )
Dam : Ch Blue Moons Little Miss Prissy
Sire : Ch Regalia's Fur De Lance Daughter AOM
Full Moon's Call'N Your Bluff   (Wynter)
Dam: Scioto Bluffs Orange Sunrise
Sire: Ch MT Valley Hot'R Than The Dang'R ZONE CGC
Full Moons American Dream'Z  (Dreama)
Coming to a show ring near you
Dam:  CH Blue Moons Little Miss Prissy
Sire : CH Regalia's Optimus Prime

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Located in south western Pennsylvania
Full Moons Rock Of Love ( Daisy)
Dam: Regalia's High Resolution (Pixel)
Sire: UK Ch Regalia's Jett Gauge
 Full Moon's Crazy Train ( Ozzy )
Dam: Regalia's High Resolution
Sire: Ch Mt Valley Hot'R Than The Dang'R Zone
Full Moon's Drop's Of Jupiter  ( Envy )
Dam: Full Moon's Deja Vu
Sire : Ch Regalia's Optimus Prime CGC
Akita puppies for sale in Pennsylvania
Regalias's pedigree's Akita pups for
sale. American Akita puppy pups
Breeding Update  We are expecting a spring litter of Akita pups to be
born in March for pups available in early May waiting list is open.
We are expecting dark colors standard and long coats
Long coat Akita puppies for sale
pup pups puppy puppies